Our mission that guides our ambitions, strategy and goals

As the market has evolved over the 20 years, so has our company. But one solid thing remains the same - offering high quality fashion for all women. To fulfil this mission partnership is essential to us - partnership with our manufacturers and our customers. When our partners succeed, we succeeded in our core mission - sough-after high-quality fashion.
Our designers are dedicated to creating fashion that in both trend and durability can last season after season and will be worn and loved for years to come. Being a fashion company has an impact on both people and planet - we acknowledge this.

We know our business is not sustainable, but we do believe changeis important. Therefore, we are also determined to enact change in our entire value chain. Today our job does not end with delivering high quality fashion. We have a responsibility to work for increased transparency and to make better choises throughout our supply chain. That includes sourcing, production, transportation, and packaging.


Our business is safely secured on a foundation of compliance. We must make sure that both we and our suppliers live up to international legislation and requirements. We do annual updates and risk assessments to evolve and keep track of our development.


Our Code of Conduct is a tool for cooperation, collaboration, and dialogue about improving systems and production methods to lower our impact. Oor continuous improvement of an ethical business will benefit all parties – both economic and social.


Choosing the right fabrics and qualities are essential to us - this is where our designs come to life, and this is one of the most important aspects in securing a long lifecycle for our garments.


The materials we use are a big part of our total environmental impact. Acknowledging this, we have set goals to minimize the impact of our raw materials as much as possible, without affecting the good quality and design you already know and love.


The way we treat our products has a impact on their environmental footprint and durability. We aim to reduce our impact while preserving our products for as long as possible. Therefore, we should also extend its life and usage phase as much as we can.


We believe partnership and cooperation are key to making a positive difference for both humans and environment. This is why we participate and take part in the following initiatives: