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In our relaxed yet fast-paced environment, every team member is valued, not just for their skills but also for their personality and their unique contributions to our collective journey.

At Soya Group, we are deeply passionate about our work across all our departments. Our activities span a diverse range of areas including finance, IT, design, pattern design, purchasing, sales, e-commerce, ESG communication, and leadership.
Our company is a hub of diverse talents and offers numerous opportunities. There might be even the perfect for you.

Whether you're aspiring to be our new trainee, eyeing one of our open positions, or exploring other career paths with us, we welcome those who eager to learn, grow, and make a significant impact. Your journey with us begins here - a journey where you have the opportunity to take ownership of your career, embrace growth, and be part of something exceptional.

Come work with us at Soya Group, where your career isn't just a job - it's a shared adventure of continuous improvement and collective success.

Meet René, Internal sales Manager

The first thing René does when he arrives at the office is greet everyone. Not just the usual “Hello” but a heartfelt ”Hello! How are you?” He then continues asking about your weekend, your day, your family, because René is the kind of guy who truly cares about people. And we know because he’s been our valued colleague for alomost 18 years. René is our internal Sales Manager. He knows the dos and don’ts, the shortcuts and the smart thing to do. When you call us it’ll most likely be René picking up. Because, as we mentioned, he
loves people.''I love any form of problem-solving, and I wake up every day with a smile on my face knowing that I'm picking up the phone and speaking to our fantastic customers. I am happy to contribute to their success.''

The Design Team

Our design team is where the magic happens. This is where our collections are created and the visual direction is set. Our designers work closely together on creating six yearly collections filled with styles that are easy to love. If you know a little about us, you also know that our collections are a joyful mirage of
colours and light-hearted prints.

Meet Sanja Ziga - Soyaconcept Designer

Designers create and inspire, and this is truly what Sanja does. As a designer, Sanja is creative and with her many years in fashion she knows how to spot the new tendencies, has a keen eye for detail and knows exactly how to combine every garment to make it look its best. You know that type of woman who can wear anything and look like a million – that’s Sanja. With her confident style and her positive personality, you just can’t help to feel inspired being around her – just what a designer should do.