We work to encourage change and positively influence our stakeholders by setting the direction for the change.
Our business is a partnership with our manufacturers built on a set of shared values and principles.
These are communicated to make sure both we and our partners work towards alignment with all internationally
recognized principles of sustainable development.

Our Code of Conduct is a tool for cooperation, collaboration, and dialogue about improving systems and production
methods to lower our negative impact and ensure everyone involved in bringing our designs to life are treated fairly and in
accordance with the international Human Rights declarations.  We believe that with commitment and
continuous improvement of an ethical business will benefit all parties – both economic and social.

Ethical Sourcing Requirements

The ethical sourcing requirements serves to ensure that no animals or people are harmed during the production of our goods.

It is a part of our company values that we do business with a high sense of moral and ethics. Therefore, the ethical sourcing requirements is a policy of high importance to us. The ethical sourcing requirements are industry specific, and the document we can expand and further develop, when we become aware of new issues in the supply chains of fashion.

We consider it important to do our part by placing orders in a timely manner, by always keeping good cooperation with the supplier to avoid asking for the impossible.
We always require the suppliers working for us to commit to our ethical sourcing requirements, when sourcing materials to make our products. All suppliers have signed a contract to apply with the principles in our ethical sourcing policy.

Animal Welfare Policy

Soya Group A/S does not allow animals to be harmed in the name of fashion.

Animals used for our products must not be exposed to pain but treated with dignity and respect according to animal welfare laws and international recommendations.

Our Animal Welfare Policy serves to ensure that animals are always treated respectfully and according to the Five Animal Freedoms. It also lists specific banned material.

All our suppliers of animal originated materials have signed our Code of Conduct and our Animal Welfare Policy and agreed to work with us to increase transparency and traceability in our supply chain.

Child Labour Policy

Our Child Labour Policy serves to ensure that no children are employed anywhere in our supply chain.

It also instructs the actions that must be taken if cases of child labour are discovered at a supplier.
This is to ensure that the termination of the child's employment does not hurt the child or its family, and that they are not left worse off than if they weren't discovered.

We require our manufactures to have a proper hiring system and the necessary documentation in place, to prevent children from working at their factory. Any worker from 15-18 years ould should only perform light work that does not include chemicals, heavy lifting or dangerous machinery.

All suppliers have signed a contract that no child workers are involed in our productions.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Soya Group A/S is committed to adhere to the UN Convention Against Corruption. Corruption is defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.

Corruption is not always about money, it can also be for example preferential treatment, extra services to gain an advantage. To avoid misunderstandings and to avoid extortion and bribery we wish to protect our employees, partners, stakeholders and owner in this connection.

All suppliers have signed a contract stating they acknowledge the issues connected to corruption, and they will not allow any corruption in their part of our value chain.

Chemical Restrictions

We have a set of chemical restrictions, limiting the values of certain chemicals and banning certain chemicals completely. Some countries and customers may have restrictions stricter than REACH and we therefore have our own set of chemical restrictions which suppliers must ensure that they comply to.

Anti Slavery Policy

Soya Group A/S condemns all forms of exploiting people and forcing them into slavery. Modern slavery is people being exploited and completely controlled by someone else, without being able to leave.

Slavery happens to people our groups of people who vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

The policy serves to ensure that the supplier commit to abolishing modern slavery in their supply chain, and that they confirm that no forms of slavery exist in the supplier's close operation.

We will through continuous assessments control that slavery of any kind does not occur in our supply chain. All our suppliers have signed a contract stating there are no forms of slavery in their operations.