Wasabiconcept - Every curve is a statement

Wasabiconcept invites you to a world where fashion celebrates every curve and embraces every size. Our brand is a tribute to the bold and confident woman, offering a range of on-trend, high quality fashion that caters to sizes 42 to 58. We believe that luxury should be accessible, and style should be limitless.

Our collections are curated with the real woman in mind, featuring bold colors, unique patterns, and cuts that flatter and enhance. Four times a year, we unveil new collections, each brimming with pieces that are as unique as they are stylish. At Wasabiconcept, fashion is about making a statement, about standing out with confidence and embracing every aspect of your beauty.

Join us in celebrating a new era of fashion where curves are not just welcomed; they are revered. Our clothes are designed to empower, to inspire confidence, and to showcase the beauty of diversity. With Wasabiconcept, every outfit is an opportunity to express who you are, to make a statement, and to shine in your unique way. Step into our world and transform your wardrobe into a canvas of self-expression and bold elegance.

The women we dress

Fashion is not about age, size or even gender - it is for everyone.

As with everything else we do, we keep our approach to whom we dress simple. She is a woman who loves high quality fashion and wants to feel comfortable and stylish. To her, the latest trends are secoundary to personal style. She seeks her inspiration on social media, and her fashion choices are influenced by relatable content.

She prefers online shopping, as this gives access to a wider range of brands, sizes and trends. When shopping in high street stores she often feels marginalized by the very small selection - if even any - in her size range. Online shopping appeals to her, as it offers inclusive selections, relatable models and friction free experiences.


Every curve is a statement

Wasabiconcept is the choice for the confident woman who embraces bold colours, unique
combinations for an audacious look, and loves when elegance fuses with a cool edge.