Leveté Room - Timelessly Cool, Effortlessly Radiant

Entre the realm of Leveté Room, where the essences of Scandinavian design harmonize with a touch of subtle elegance. Our collections are more than just clothing; they are a celebrating of minimalist chic, empowering women to embrace timeless style with a serene confidence.

In every Leveté Room piece, you’ll find the perfect balance between functionally and flair, all designed to transcend the changing seasons. Our brand is crafted for the woman who cherished classic, chic elements, drawing inspiration from the effortless simplicity of Nordic design and the enchanting charm of Parisian fashion.

Choose Leveté Room for a wardrobe that radiates lasting quality and understated elegance. Each item we create is not just a garment; it’s a statement of cool refinement and minimalist beauty, prefect for those who seek minimalism without compromising on warmth and radiance. Step into our world and find your timelss style with Leveté Room.

About us

Levity means lightness of mind and is pronounced Le-və-té. Leveté Room is the studio and creative space where all our collections have their origin.

Our mission is to make beautiful, modern and yet timeless clothing, which empower women to create a classic and chic look.

leveté room

Timelessly Cool, Effortlessly Radiant

Step into the world of Leveté Room,
where Scandinavian design fuses with subtle elegance. Our collections are filled with a cool, timeless and minimalist aesthetic.