Founded back in 2002 our company has grown from a bold vision into an international fashion house. We take pride in our Danish heritage, which forms the cornerstone of our identity and guides our approach to creating
accessible, high-quality fashion.

Our journey is marked by significant milestones. A highlight came in 2009 when we were honored with our 3rd Gazelle Award recognizing our outstanding and consistent business growth.

Our expansion continued with the introduction of our new brand called Levetè Room in 2017, a brand that seamlessly aligns with our philosophy and enriched our portfolio. This addition marked our evolution into a diverse and dynamic fashion group.

Celebrating two decades of fashion and innovation, 2022 marked our 20th anniversary. This milestone was a reflection of our commitment to our values and vision.

In 2023 the launch of Wasabiconcept, our latest brand designed to celebrate and cater to the curvy woman. This launch further solidified our position as a diverse fashion house.

Today, Soya Group A/S stands as a testament to more than 20 years of dedication to fashion, quality, and sustainable practices. Our three brands, Soyaconcept, Leveté Room, and Wasabiconcept – each offer unique styles and designs, yet are united by our foundational values and Danish roots.

We continue the honor our legacy by committing to timeless fashion, quality, and responsible practices. Our journey is not just about creating clothes; it’s about upholding a tradition and a dedication to empowering women through fashion. Join us as we continue to innovate and inspire in the world of fashion.